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This is Gerdes GmbH

Since 1979, Gerdes GmbH has been a stable and proficient partner to some of the largest European Automotive Manufacturers, by providing them with original parts that have gone through rigorous research & development (R&D), extensive testing procedures, to finally being manufactured to the highest standards set. This high level of experience gained over the years, remains anchored in our philosophy of continuous process improvement from R&D to production. Our nimble mid-sized family business pride itself for the dedication of our associates working as one team with much improved communication channels that drive short and effective decision paths to overcome any technical challenge faced. The incessant innovations in our field of expertise have led us to the development products such as fuel filling inhibitors to avoid any costly mistakes of misfuelling, just a token example of products within our wide portfolio of expert solutions relating to the integrity of refuelling and securing fuel tanks. Our size give us also another edge by offering a production flexibility that allows us to manufacture from small volumes required for example by the motorsport sector, to larger volumes to satisfy our high-demand from our global Customers in general.



Founded in cologne by Theo Gerdes – Injection molding for tank- and cooling caps started with just one costumer Opel


Moving from cologne to Kerpen, Siemensstra├če


Production range extended to smaller parts for example sun visor clip


New Costumer Ford


New Costumer GM – Filler caps for NAFTA


Product range from filler caps extended to capless-systems


New Costumer Fiat


Extended space for production and assembly from 1200 qm to 3600 qm


New Customer VW/Audi


New Costumer Ferrari


New Costumer Lamborghini


New Costumer Porsche


New Costumer Maserati


New Costumer Chrysler, JLR


Developing Urea caps und capless


Developing capless and missfuelinhibitors for trucks

Concept / structure

What set us apart as a family business is a lean and responsive company, with a flat organisation supported by customer focused structures, designed for fast track decision making paths through an empowered team.

Certificates and quality

Quality for GERDES is a “Mindset” of how to optimise each process – product to best overcome our evolving Customers’ challenges and exceed their expectations
Our Quality Management System (QMS) is certified to the International Automotive Tasd Force (IATF) 16949 and ISO 14001

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