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Development @ Gerdes GmbH

GERDES continuously strives to keep improving its expertise in designs and processes through innovation and technical efficiencies, has developed a resilience to market challenges which earned it an enviable reputation within its industry.

The number of patents currently held by GERDES attest to the high technical know-how acquired over the years, such as the latest mis-fuelling inhibitor, but to list one of them.

GERDES’ capability to grow closer ties with the Customer to develop reliable and long term technical solutions, remains one of its strength and core competencies.

Design and development

GERDES’ Engineering department is where design ideas and customer’s solutions are fused and developed into successful products.

GERDES Engineers have the capacity to analyse the Customer’s technical problems and challenges as a team then in turn formulate ideas and technical solutions through various in house forums which will enable them to fine tune them during the development and testing phases before they are finally signed off jointly for production and implementation as an integral part of a brand new vehicle assembly.

This long standing tradition of Engineering excellence is put to work in the service of our Customers to whom we owe our success and existence.

Mould construction

GERDES has established a loyal and experienced toolmakers base which have enable us to maintain the highest of standards in our products due to their dedication, craftsmanship and passion for their work.


GERDES tests and validates all the products in its own laboratory under stringent, realistic operational conditions and beyond. There are a few exceptions where at times some tests that require specialised technologies would be handled externally under supervision.

Examples of test conducted in-house:
» Leakage- and Flowmeasurements
» Crash- Test
» Pendulum impact test
» Climatic test
» Dust test
» Salt spray test
» Force test
» Stress test (for example long term durability test)
» Micro SHED

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