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Technical ability’s

It is only achieved by a persistent redesign of quality improvement processes throughout the business, with our Customer in mind

Technical equipment

» Development on catia V5, Ideas, NX
» Handmade parts with rapid prototyping
» 37 Injection moulding machines from 22 up to 160 to. closing force
» 3D – coordinate measuring machine
» Salt spray chamber
» Climate chamber
» Leakage and flow testing
» Crash test simulation
» Micro SHED test
» Dust chamber

Handling process

From the early years, our technical expertise has been in the design, development, moulding, assembling and testing of Caps and Capless Systems. Our production flexibility systems from our capacity to mould products in house which led us to remain independent and consequently rely on our own resources to support from small to large production batches, to suit our Customers. We have the ability to assemble single components either manually or automatically before complete assemblies are rigoursly tried and tested. Manual assembly provides flexibility in the production process backed by a 100% testing protocol. GERDES has developed robust internal processes to handle the entire value chain, in house. This drives effective communication through the various channels, improves cycles speed, efficiency, flexibility that translates into an improved Customer experience.


This is one of the “software” of the operation. Our Customers have many options to communicate to us their production schedules via Email, EDI, our ASN. Our logistics Department keeps in regular contact with our Customers (Telephone, Email…) to assess their latest requirements which allow them to execute critical delivery processes smoothly. This in-house service takes care of commissioning the various carriers needed for the task in hand (Customers’ carriers, special transporters, sea and airfreight providers…) with strict compliance with international documents and packing instructions stipulated by the Customers. As a critical chain in the process, the logistics department of GERDES maintains a number of Customers’ portals, manages all the delivery schedules to the optimum service reliability the Customers expect.

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